Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer grubbin'

I'd originally intended on this blog to be more recipe/cooking focused, but considering my circumstances this summer, I've broadened the subject to food in general. (I've only been home for about two weeks this summer, so I haven't been doing much cooking.)

In late May/early June I travelled with my art class from SFA in Nacogdoches, TX to Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA. During this trip I had some pretty good grub. Although it has been a little while since the trip, I'm thought I'd sum it up here with some of the culinary adventures.
Baltimore, MD:
Day one is a sad one to report. Because I was with a group, I had little say in where we ate. On the way to the airport we stopped in at the dreaded McDonald's for some breakfast. Later, after arriving in Baltimore and getting settled in our hotel, the only place within walking distance (walking in the rain distance) was, yep you guessed it, McDonald's. Devastated, repulsed and reluctant, I forced down a McPoo burger and McLimp fries. Later, as I reflected on my day of having had McDonald's food twice in one day, I cried myself to sleep.
On a lighter note, the next day held promise. We were going to the Lexington Market Square.

Here I had plenty of yummy options, with no McDonald's in sight.

After walking through the place numerous times, I finally decided to get something true to Baltimore.
Not just crab, but crab cakes and Maryland crab chowder.

Being the poor college student that I am, I opted for the regular crab cake and a bowl of soup instead of the award-winning lump crab cake, as tempting as it was, I needed more substance for my buck.
Luckily, a classmate didn't finish her lump crab cake so I helped her out. My regular crab cake tasted like a fish stick in comparison to the moist, tender, lumpy ball of goodness she had. I don't know how it stayed together in the fryer, it was so moist. The large lumps of meat easily detached themselves from the mold with the slightest prick of the fork. I could taste that there was mayonnaise and mustard in the mix, creating a smooth, creamy texture contrasting immensely with my dry, bready regular crab cake .
The chowder left much to be desired. It tasted like they just tossed flaked crab meat into some canned vegetable soup- and not even good canned vegetable soup. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed with my order.
Should have had the $13 crab cake.
>Little did I know that Faidley's Seafood is known only for their lump crab cakes.
Here are some of the other vendors located in Lexington Market:

The only other culinary excitement in Baltimore was when we found the Charm City Cakes building where the Food Network show "Ace of Cakes" is filmed. One of the girls loves the show and just couldn't go home without a souvenir.

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